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PCPC : Parent Co-Operative Preschool Corporation

PCPC: Parent Co-operative Preschool Corporation


PCPC eNews: a snapshot of news and views for the month of May 2014

[May 14, 2014] NEW Sample Policy and Procedures re on-line banking for non profits/co-ops - posted on the members section of the PCPC website. This year PCPC membership can be paid in this very quick and inexpensive method....read more

PCPC e-news: a snapshot of news and views! for March 2014

[March 27, 2014] Spring = Enrolment time! Is your website up to date? There are normally a lot of changes which should be posted at this time of year. For instance: Open House dates, the fees for the 2014-15 session, changes in hours (if any), and your summer program details (if you'll be running one)....read more

PCPC e-news: a snapshot of news and views for the Winter months of 2014

[February 15, 2014] Newly posted tipsheets on PCPC members' section of the website: *NEW* Whistleblower Policy; *NEW* Modernization of DNA Act; *NEW* Anti-Spam Legislation and What It Means...read more

PCPC e-news: What Motivates Teachers

[January 30, 2014] Every day I receive an email from Childcare Exchange and sometimes the information is posted on the PCPC Facebook and sometimes, like today, we would like to circulate to all members....read more

PCPC e-news: "May your home be filled with the joy of family and friends this holiday season"

[December 16, 2013] As we close for the holiday season, one new item for your centre to watch for in the new year and several short bursts of information....read more

PCPC e-news: Transitioning Board of Directors…

[August 1, 2013] Transitioning from one Board of Directors to another as a year concludes can be both exciting and scary for the Centre. If the Centre is fortunate to have some Board members staying in their position from one year to the next, the transition of new Board members can be made a little smoother...read more

eNews: Helping Families Belong

[April 9, 2013] As this is "open house" season, any and all ideas for marketing the uniqueness of your centre should be examined....read more

eNews: When Not to Intervene

[April 3, 2013] It is hard to stand back and watch children struggle. But children can be quite persistent, and often learn, when adults resist intervening....read more

eNews: Spring is here! Is your website ready?

[March 5, 2013] Spring is coming! Is your website up to date? There are normally a lot of changes which should be posted at this time of year....read more

eNews: Registration Package and Privacy Policy

[February 14, 2013] Newly posted in the members' section of the PCPC website: Registration Package under Handbooks and, not to be forgotten, the Privacy Policy...read more

eNews: Police Reference Checks: Member survey results

[January 27, 2013] Thank you to everyone who took time to answer this recent survey. Following are the results from the returns...read more

eNews: International Year of Co-ops wrapup

[January 9, 2013] International Year of the Co-operative (IYC) Magazine should be at your centre now!...read more

eNews: Welcome new members

[January 8, 2013] It gives PCPC great pleasure to welcome the following two new members to the PCPC family...read more

eNews: A snapshot of news and views! for the past month

[November 12, 2012] Members can listen to our recent podcast from Teletalk Tuesday November 6: go to the members' area for our new podcast page....read more

eNews: PCPC AGM wrap-up

[October 26, 2012] The PCPC board of directors and staff would like to thank everyone who came out to the recent PCPC AGM....read more

eNews: Katharine Whiteside Taylor Bursary

[October 25, 2012] The Katharine Whiteside Taylor Bursary is a scholarship named in honor of Dr. Katharine Whiteside Taylor, a founding member of Parent Cooperative Preschools International (PCPI)....read more

eNews: Happy Co-Op Week

[October 17, 2012] The United Nations General Assembly declared 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives....read more

eNews: Insurance, PCPC's AGM, Toronto Life, Facebook

[October 12, 2012] Watch for your insurance renewal forms which were in the mail first week of September for an October 15 renewal date....read more

eNews: Don't Let Money Fool You! article

[September 17, 2012] Money is still an important foundation and employees must feel that they are compensated fairly relative to their responsibilities and performance. However, there are other factors to consider...read more

eNews: Welcome back

[September 12, 2012] Summer is over and fall is here, a time of new beginnings. As a member at PCPC you will be regularly informed about childcare news to give you an insider's view of this exciting community....read more

eNews: Modernizing Child Care in Ontario

[July 17, 2012] Hon. Laurel Broten, Minister of Education, has launched a conversation on child care modernization through the discussion paper “Modernizing Child Care in Ontario: Sharing Conversations, Strengthening Partnerships, Working Together”....read more

eNews: Quarterly HR newsletter

[June 17, 2012] The 4th edition of our Quarterly PCPC Member HR Newsletter has been uploaded to the HR PAR website. The purpose of this quarterly news bulletin is to keep you informed on HR Topics and legislative updates....read more

eNews: A Day Without Childcare video

[June 14, 2012] What would happen if child care were not available? This was the question the Local Child Care Planning Council of Humboldt (CA) County explored with their video A Day Without Childcare....read more

eNews: Census 2011 is now available

[May 30, 2012] The population of children aged 4 and under increased 11.0% between 2006 and 2011. This is the highest growth rate for this age group since the 1956 to 1961 period, during the baby boom....read more

eNews: Globe and Mail publishes special report on co-ops

[May 24, 2012] Part of the IYC (International Year of Co-operatives) legacy involves raising awareness, and a special report in one of Canada's leading newspapers should do just that....read more

eNews: Hellmanns Supporting Real Food grants

[May 1, 2012] Hellmann's has $100,000 worth of food grants available for a variety of projects from hosting a picnic, organizing a lunch week for a classroom or setting up a class trip to experience real food at something like a farmer's market or bakery....read more

eNews: Quarterly HR newsletter

[April 13, 2012] The 3rd edition of the Quarterly PCPC Member HR Newsletter has been uploaded to the HR PAR website -- www.hrpar.ca -- PCPC members' section, login number required....read more

eNews: 10 Scientific Tips for Raising Happy Kids

[March 21, 2012] A LiveScience article offers up 10 tips that have been scientifically linked in one way or another with producing happier kids. Perhaps not surprisingly, many of the tips have more to do with parents themselves than with children....read more

eNews: Who wants a GREAT work environment?

[February 28, 2012] Good work environments are the result of a shared understanding of Employer’s and Employee’s respective rights and obligations. To help your centre with that goal, PCPC is pleased to announce that the PCPC Personnel Handbook with accompanying sample Contract are updated and posted on our new human resources website provided by HR PAR www.hrpar.ca...read more

eNews: Winter 2012 updates

[February 8, 2012] We are in challenging times for childcare and the need to stay abreast of all the changes from the Ministry, Municipality and your families could not be more critical. PCPC is part of the solution with easy access to all our resources on the member's section of the PCPC website www.pcpcontario.org...read more

eNews: 2012, International Year of Co-operatives

[January 12, 2012] The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives, highlighting the contribution of cooperatives to socio-economic development, in particular recognizing their impact on poverty reduction, employment generation and social integration....read more

eNews: New Member Benefit: HR Performance & Results

[May 30, 2011] Are you as informed as you should be about employment laws? There’s a lot to know and to make it even more difficult, the laws are constantly changing. It can be challenging and time consuming to keep current....read more

eNews: 2011 PCPC Staff Benefits Renewal 10% DECREASE!

[May 19, 2011] The PCPC staff benefits plan is insured through the Your Benefits Solved (YBS) volume-purchasing arrangement, formerly known as Morneau Syndicated Program (MSP)....read more

eNews: Co-op Cost Cutters bulk purchasing products and services in your mailbox!

[May 9, 2011] All members of our centres which includes all families and staff, are welcome to purchase from the many companies listed....read more

eNews: It's that time again -- Contracts and Personnel Handbooks!

[May 3, 2011] With some of the centres closing for the summer break in just 2 months we are all on the road to signing contracts, updating Personnel handbooks, perhaps even hiring....read more

eNews: Member centre websites on the PCPC server

[April 27, 2011] If your centre is interested in having their own website, or having PCPC manage an existing website, please go to www.pcpcontario.org, members' section and read about our services under Web-Related Resources....read more

eNews: Early childhood services with ChildLife ... Solutions 4Life with Kids

[April 21, 2011] PCPC members have exclusive access to Childlife…Solutions 4Life with Kids – Parenting Strategies, Workshops, Early Intervention and more!...read more

eNews: Connecting the World's Children With Nature Environmental Action Kit

[April 18, 2011] It is the goal of everyone involved in this project that the Kit, which contains hundreds of guides, tools, and other resources for parents and professionals, will serve as a helpful and important resource to people all over the world who wish to re-connect our children with the wonders of nature....read more

e-newsletter 29: Bylaws

[February 24, 2011] The Co-operative Corporations Act has three new changes that can make governance at your centre easier. PCPC emailed members incorporated under this Act on February 10 outlining the three significant changes....read more

e-Newsletter 28: Early Childhood Education - Your 'Driving Passion'!

[January 4, 2011] I have had the good fortune to once again spend an afternoon with some of the PCPC member Supervisors and hear about their 'driving passion' for their families and the centre where they spend a good portion of their day....read more

e-newsletter 27: The Iron Triangle

[November 8, 2010] Early childhood program budgets, like all budgets, have two sides: the money coming in and the money going out. Balancing these two sides is essential, and is particularly challenging in the current recession economy....read more

e-newsletter 26: What to Watch for in 2010-11

[November 1, 2010] We are in challenging times for childcare and the need to stay abreast of all the changes from the Ministry, Municipality and your families could not be more critical. PCPC is part of the solution with easy access to all our resources on the member's section of the PCPC website www.pcpcontario.org...read more

e-newsletter 25: Bill 168, preventing violence in the workplace

[June 17, 2010] Are you aware that as of this month workplaces in Ontario (including nonprofits) will be required to have policies and programs in place targeted at the prevention of violence and harassment in the workplace? Is your organization compliant? do you know what you need to know? Have you developed policies? Don't know where to start?...read more

e-newsletter 24: Full Day Learning

[May 18, 2010] The Full Day Learning Act was passed in the Legislature on April 27, 2010. PCPC has attached a PDF entitled “Legislative Changes Under Bill 242" which has information that may assist centres with their program planning for the fall of 2010....read more

e-newsletter 23: New Year, new projects, new information

[January 15, 2010] January is the time of year to start thinking about completing evaluations for the Centre, its programs and its staff. The PCPC Evaluation handbook has formats for assessing: the Board, the Centre, the staff, including self-evaluation for staff....read more

e-newsletter 22: Risk Management

[December 17, 2009] What is Risk Management? * Do Volunteers Pose Greater Risks Than Paid Staff? * Dealing with Risk * Five Steps for Dealing with Risk * Insurance and Risk Management...read more

e-newsletter 21: Ten Things Science Says Will Make You Happy

[December 4, 2009] In the last few years, psychologists and researchers have been digging up hard data on a question previously left to philosophers: what makes us happy?...read more

e-newsletter 20: Committees of the Board of Directors - Where Do You Fit In?

[November 20, 2009] Much of the actual 'work' of the Board of Directors is done by Committees. These smaller groups take on a particular area of responsibility and report back to the full Board with specific recommendations or suggestions....read more

e-newsletter 19: Day Nurseries Act Information Checklist

[November 4, 2009] We were excited to kick off our 35th Anniversary at our Annual General Meeting October 8th with guest speaker Mary Stuart, who spoke on "Motivation and Passion in Life with Kids!"...read more

e-newsletter 18: Learn Why Early Childhood Education is Essential!

[September 18, 2009] Early childhood educators and advocates know that early childhood matters. It's what you do every day with children; it's your life's work, and for many, it's your driving passion....read more

e-newsletter 17: PCPC's AGM and a bonus Going Green! feature

[September 3, 2009] To build and keep your enrolment when the competition is breathing down your neck, you must do two things: First, you must be brutally honest ... Second, you must be open...read more

e-newsletter 16: Get People Talking About You! Community Outreach

[August 17, 2009] There are many ways to put your name in the community. The more exposure your Centre gets the better....read more

e-newsletter 15: Fighting Childhood Obesity

[July 22, 2009] The combination of a car-friendly culture and popular sedentary activities like watching television or playing video games make it unsurprising that at least 25 percent of Canadians between the ages of two and seventeen are overweight, according to Statistics Canada....read more

e-newsletter 14: Kids on Board, it's a smoke-free zone!

[July 14, 2009] The aim of the province's new Smoke-Free Ontario Act is to protect children from the harmful effects of exposure to second-hand smoke (SHS), which can be at least 27 times more toxic in a vehicle than a home because of the smaller space....read more

e-newsletter 13: Get People Talking About You!

[June 30, 2009] Marketing and advertising your childcare Centre should be on-going and often requires the assistance of many volunteers within Centre....read more

e-newsletter 12: Reviewing Governance

[June 22, 2009] How do you know if the governance of your Centre is good enough? If you haven’t reviewed it in the last few years, you possibly do not know....read more

e-newsletter 11: Feasibility Studies

[June 8, 2009] A feasibility study is often an important part of the establishment and/or development of a childcare program. The study can provide valuable information about the level of interest in a childcare program, about a family's specific childcare needs and their ability to pay; it can also be used to identify people who want to be involved in helping plan the programs....read more

e-newsletter 10: This is the time of year to ... Market your Centre!

[May 27, 2009] The Marketing Committee has a very important job! Are you new to the Board of Directors, or are you a member of the Marketing Committee? Read on...read more

e-newsletter 9: Managing in Tough Times

[May 6, 2009] In the last newsletter from PCPC, we discussed the first two steps to take to manage your organization during tough times, and today we will continue with steps three, four and five!...read more

e-newsletter 8: Recruitment: it's a full-time thing!

[April 27, 2009] Recruitment is an ongoing concern for every Centre; a constant turnover of volunteers is inevitable (as families grow and move on from the Centre), as people’s circumstances and their ability to volunteer change over time...read more

e-Newsletter 7: Announcing PCPC's new-look website

[April 9, 2009] PCPC has launched a brand new look for its website www.pcpcontario.org. Have you checked it out?...read more

e-newsletter 6: Donation Seeking -- Do You Know Where to Contact?

[March 23, 2009] When the time comes for your Centre to seek donations from your community, do they know where to contact?...read more

e-newsletter 5: Developing Contracts -- What You Need to Know

[March 9, 2009] Good management practices require that formal, written contracts with employees be signed at the beginning of the work period, or at the beginning of a new contract period. Contracts specify the nature and the scope of the work, the conditions under which it is performed and the compensations to be received by the employee....read more

e-Newsletter 4: Performance Management

[February 24, 2009] Most organizations have a vision of achieving excellence, of being the very best at what they do... one component of achieving that vision is having staff members who work towards the mission and strategies of the organization!...read more

e-newsletter 3: PCPC’s Directory of Potential Funding Organizations

[February 10, 2009] We have compiled a list of many, many potential funding organizations that you may wish to contact now and throughout the coming months in an effort to help meet you fundraising goals – check it out!...read more

e-newsletter 2: Evaluations

[January 27, 2009] In the last issue, we began discussing the importance of evaluations for the Centre, its programs and staff. It is important to begin thinking about the evaluation process now, and the following checklist will help you in the coming months....read more

e-newsletter 1: New Year, new projects, new information, and new format!

[January 13, 2009] January is the time of year to start thinking about completing evaluations for the Centre, its programs and its staff. You might be wondering, why do we need to complete evaluations?...read more

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