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PCPC : Parent Co-Operative Preschool Corporation

PCPC: Parent Co-operative Preschool Corporation

A board of directors consisting of seven members and is accountable for PCPC operations

[March 13, 2009]

Board members are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting and can serve consecutive terms. PCPC has charitable status and has been incorporated since 1974.

Board of Directors and Staff, 2012-13

Edith Harris, President
Member since 1993

Gina Celsie, Secretary
Supervisor, Lansing Co-op
Member since 2005

Wendy Burton-Booth, Treasurer/HR
Member since 1995

Christine Denovan, Member-at-Large
Teacher, Manor Road Co-op
Member since 1988

Christina Ruggiero, Member-at-Large
Supervisor, Cabbagetown Co-op
Member since 2011

Denise Hosannah, Member-at-Large
Supervisor, Wexford Child Care
Member since 2007

Shannon Stephens, Member-at-Large
Member since 2008

Nancy Bradley
Executive Director
Staff since 1988


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PCPC: Parent Co-operative Preschool Corporation
1571 Sandhurst Circle, PO Box 63512, Toronto, ON • MIV 1V0
Tel 416-410-2667 (voicemail)
E-mail nancy@pcpcontario.org
Social media PCPC Facebook page
Website www.pcpcontario.org or www.pcpctoronto.org
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PCPC is a registered charity. You can make a donation by credit card via PayPal here.

The Co-Operators logoWe gratefully acknowledge support from the Co-Operators Group.

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