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PCPC : Parent Co-Operative Preschool Corporation

PCPC: Parent Co-operative Preschool Corporation

Early Childhood Services

[March 19, 2009]

PCPC member parents and professionals!

We are delighted to announce our new collaboration with Mary Stuart, Early Childhood Development Specialist. Through her new company childlife…inspire their best!, PCPC members have access to expertise on early childhood development through customized workshops, teleconferences, consultations and strategies.

Through these services, you enable optimum development and all things possible for your kids!

Best Behaviour Workshops

Check the calendar on the Childlife events page for details of public workshop sessions in your area and/or Ontario-wide teleconferences (no travel expenses — no babysitters)

Customized for your AGM, Parent Night, Office Lunch & Learn. PCPC members receive a 54% reduced rate on workshops in the GTA!

Consultation, Coaching & Strategies

For practical, inspiring strategies that work: Just ASK!

PCPC & childlife help you improve children’s behaviour, nurture their nature and bring out their BEST!


The Art of Encouragement!

B.E.S.T. Version

Still Learning

Feeling Loved!

Words Have Impact

Make Every Day Count

Shaping the Future
I have been so excited about the steady stream of exciting brain research that now supports all that we knew instinctively.

Tips for B.E.S.T. Behaviour
As the rest of the school year unfolds, let's keep up the "New Year Spirit" with a few reminders for creating Happy Days with Kids!

Inspire their B.E.S.T.
We begin again! With great anticipation we are eager to put our B.E.S.T. foot forward and help children learn, grow and develop! What an awesome job, what an awesome privilege!

Summer's Lesson = Slow Down
Slowing down gives us time to catch up with what is important -- relating, noticing, listening, tuning in, being present and in the moment with our children, our families, nature

Follow the Leader
As leaders in our classrooms and homes, we have an awesome privilege to guide our children to become who they were meant to be.

Keeping Up the P.A.C.E.!
Children learn very early on in their development how to gain an adult's attention -- positively or negatively.

Behaviour Guidance: Connect vs Correct, Part 2
Behaviour is a communication skill, a language skill, a social skill, a problem solving skill, a emotional regulation skill, a self awareness skill, a self control skill.

Behaviour Teacher vs Behaviour Manager, Part 1
In my almost 28 years in the field, I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of children and families and teachers trying to figure out the “behaviour” puzzle.

The BEST Present ...
The BEST present we can give, especially to a child, during the Christmas and Holiday Season is our PRESENCE: our undivided, focused attention.

Cultivating Self-Esteem, Part II
In our first article on Cultivating Self Esteem, we emphasized our need, as parents and teachers, to create an environment that children’s self esteem can grow in a positive way ...

Cultivating Self Esteem, Part I
Building a good sense of self-esteem is more than just saying, “Good boy.” “Well done.” “You are the very best at everything.”

Child Behaviour is Complex!
How we view our role as guider and developer of young children’s minds, bodies and spirits will determine the future they will have and the person they will become.

Parenting Matters!
At Childlife … Solutions 4Life with Kids, we know that the parent-child relationship is THE most powerful influence on child behaviour and development.

Early Advantage!
As adults we are powerful influencers: We impact and inspire children daily! Values, Principles, Beliefs and Character Starts and Ends with You! They need you help them become who they were created to be!

Early Advantage = Happy Day Mornings!
Giving a child an early advantage to learning begins when we, as parents and teachers, help a child start every day off with peace, confidence and clarity.

Emotions Matter
Children who can identify, understand and manage their emotions do better in life. Like learning to walk and talk, the process of learning to deal with feelings takes place gradually over months.

The Art of Limit Setting & Self Control
Teaching children the imperative lessons of waiting, delaying gratification and how to self regulate their behaviour and emotions are the best tools for later success in life and play a role in the prevention of mental health disorders.

Violence in Young Children?
As normal healthy development occurs, these “drives” are conveyed in a variety of behaviours according to the age and stage of the child.

Canadian, eh?
Ever wonder how come Canadian parent/teacher sites seem non-existent? I want to share some excellent Canadian Early Childhood sites found while researching Co-operative Childcare in Canada.

All The Flowers Of Tomorrow Are In The Seeds Today: Cultivating Self-Esteem
Building a good sense of self-esteem is more than just saying, "Good boy." "Well-done." "You are the very best at everything."

Are They Learning Anything Yet? Play Is The Way To Learning
Forget the flash cards, and the ABC homework sheets, if we want to see our children become competent, critical thinking and harmonious human beings.


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