PCPC eNews: Interested in Employee Benefits?

PCPC Members can take advantage of Group Rates on Employee Benefits…Interested? Keep reading for more details….

Dear PCPC Member:

2019 is proving to be another busy year for the childcare industry and the overall economy.

Members are struggling to add good employees to their payrolls and the competition for those employees with other sectors is fierce.

To attract good workers, you must provide the kind of working environment that attracts potential prospects to look at your business.

A comprehensive employee benefits program is one of those perks that employees look at when seeking employment opportunities.

As the job market being as tight as it is you need to think outside of the box to be looked at for a career.

PCPC offers its members a well-designed and competitive group benefit program that is flexible and easily managed.

Our benefits consultant Morneau Shepell is one of the largest and most respected companies that assist us in shopping the market for the best underwriters for our group benefits and insurance programs.

PCPC invites you to have a look at our benefits program and request a quote on how you can provide a benefits program for you and your employees that is affordable and gives the security in health benefits to attract good employees. As well, if you are an existing member of our benefits program, give Morneau Shepell a call on how we can improve your existing program to be more comprehensive.

On top of group benefits, Morneau Shepell is also a leader in the marketplace for Employee and Family Assistance Programs as well as Human Resource Support Solutions. Please find the attached microsites for further information:

HR Support Solutions

As always, PCPC is here to help. If you have questions contact PCPC and we would be happy to speak with you.


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