PCPC eNews: a snapshot of news and views for December 2016

PCPC Members:

PCPC wishes you all a very health, happy and safe holiday season!

The PCPC office will be closed December 24, 2016 and will re-open on Monday, January 9, 2017.

What’s in this issue?

Board of Directors

Notice to Boards and Staff with Regards to Updates

As all centres are aware, there have been many updates to centre resources required along with the changes to the new Child Care and Early Years Act. Our team at PCPC has been very busy updating resources and reviewing drafts. Even more updates are coming due as of January 2017. Ensure you have accessed our members only website to review what sample policies and documents we have available for you and make updates to the resources at your centre. If there is something you are looking for, we could have a draft version that we haven’t yet uploaded to our website- so just send us an email and let us know what it is you need! The staff at PCPC are here for you and your centre and we strive to help out our members during this time!

  1. PCPC Electronic AGM Tuesday December 20 2016: PCPC would like to thank everyone for their participation with the electronic AGM held this week! We know it is a busy time of year but we wanted to get it done before the craziness centres will see returning after the holidays!
  2. Employer Compliance with the Ontario AODA ‘Employment Standard’: Ontario is the first Canadian province to pass a law to improve accessibility in the areas that impact the daily lives of people with disabilities. Important compliance deadlines are approaching with regard to Ontario’s Accessibility legislation… “find out the rules and deadlines”: that businesses and non-profits must follow to meet accessibility standards in Ontario.
    Important to note: if you are a business or non-profit with 1-49 employees, you must complete 4 requirements by January 1, 2017 to be in compliance. “Click here”: for more detailed information.
  3. “(#aont)Accessibility Ontario”: has released its Workshops and Webinars Early Winter 2017 schedule—there might be one of interest to your Centre!
  4. Consultation on Early Years and Child Care Strategy: Ontario is seeking public input across the province on its early years and child care system. The government is seeking feedback from parents, families, experts and the public to help shape their renewed vision and framework for it early years programs and services, including the commitment to create 100,000 new licensed child care spaces within the next 5 years. To participate in an in-person or online consultation, please visit www.ontario.ca/morechildcare (online feedback must be shared by January 15, 2017).
  5. Ontario Trillium Foundation Announces New Granting Application Deadlines for 2017: The new deadlines were revealed as part of a plan to ensure that the Ontario Trillium Foundation operations are more streamlined, simplified, and responsive to the needs of community organizations. Click here for the new application deadlines and more information, as presented in the news release from The Hillborn Group.
  6. Canada Revenue Agency and Charities: the CRA is constantly reviewing printed publications, and has just announced that Form T2081 ‘Excess Corporate Holdings Worksheet for Private Foundations’ will no longer be printed and mailed to affected charities. If this affects your Centre, a printable and saveable version of “Form T2081”: is still available online.
  7. Has Your Centre provided PCPC with its updated information? All PCPC Member Centres are entitled to a basic information page on the PCPC website, but we need you to take a moment to fill in the form so that we can ensure that we are posting the most current information for your Centre. All Member Centres should check the details of their Centre’s page regularly in case updates are needed: address, telephone numbers, websites, etc. You can request an update to your profile any time with this form.
    • Please Note: If you are listed on our public website (www.pcpcontario.org/schools) and your information is correct you do not need to fill out the form again.
  8. PCPC wants to remind you about the FREE Job Posting service that we offer to our members. This service will allow you to reach over 8600 email addresses (right here in Ontario) with your job posting—a great way to find that new member for your team! Please contact us so that we can get your job posting out to our email database and you can find that new employee!

All Members

  1. Do You Have Any Recommendations? PCPC always has Centres looking for recommendations for companies and/or individuals that can help them out with bookkeeping, auditing, fundraising, etc. If you have any recommendations that you would like to pass along we would greatly appreciate it. All recommendations can be emailed to Shannon Stephens, PCPC Executive Director.
  2. Healthy Sleep is Important! As you well know, healthy sleep and the right amount of it, is incredibly important for children, especially during their formative years. The team over at the Tuck Sleep Foundation has created an informative guide to help parents from newborns right through to the teenage years. Check it out here!
  3. The PCPC Purchasing Program continues to provide outstanding discounts for Centres and their members. Don’t forget to check the members’ only section of the website for information on all the companies included in our Purchasing Program. Discounts are available to all our members, for purchases for the centre and personal use as well.
  4. PCPC sends out to the general child care sector in Ontario a variety of paid ads; however, we have chosen not to overload our members with their information several times a week. Instead, we will list in the body of the e newsletters activity during the current and past month and if you wish further information on the products/services, please contact PCPC for their flyer.

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As always, if you have any questions at any time please do not hesitate to contact info@pcpcontario.org at your convenience.

Shannon Stephens, PCPC Executive Director


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