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Important News for PCPC Members:

Greetings PCPC Members! As you know this has certainly been a year of changes! There has been a lot of changes to the Child Care and Early Years Act, prompting many changes of our resources as well as those of your centre! I know I have spoken to many centres over the course of this membership year about all the updates and I am so happy you reached out to PCPC and allowed us to assist you and the rest of your Board and Staff! Please remember we are just an email or a call away, whether there is something you are looking for or if you just have a question.

Some things I wanted to highlight to you at this time as our current membership year comes to a close at the end of June:

  • be sure that if you now or have recently made changes to your Board of Directors you have sent us the updated email addresses! The addresses we have on file for your centre you will find in the TO section of this email so please take a moment to view for accuracy. We will shortly be sending out membership invoices and new codes will become effective July 1st and emailed. We want to ensure all of our centres are able to reach all our resources over the summer. As you know from our e-newsletters we have had a LOT of updates to our resources sections of our website over the last year. We also have numerous presentations for the new Board members who are coming into their position. They are equally as helpful for returning members who maybe did not have the chance to review them when they started. Or maybe there were too many changes that needed to be made at the time so your centre could only focus on a few to start- consider reviewing those over the slower summer months and pick out a few more items to focus on now! Not sure how to prioritize what needs to be done, we can help!
  • one of the most common items I received emails and calls about were often regarding the basic set up of centres- how should our Board run….who should be responsible for what…what happens if there is an HR concern. This has prompted Kristy and I to discuss a new item we would like to bring forth this coming membership year which we think will really help all our centres. Separate from our e-newsletter, which we know are already jammed pack with information for our members, we will be sending out a monthly “Did you Know???”. This will focus on the common questions we receive. Like always, we will have our webmaster add these online for you to review. If you have questions you would like addressed, send them to us! Just put “Did You Know” in the subject line and send us an email with the question. With all the resource changes this season we couldn’t bring this in earlier when the idea was formed, but now that we have finally gotten the bulk of updates done, we are looking forward to providing this piece for you!
  • PCPC is all about our members and we always want to know if there is any way we can be better use to our members. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please be sure to share them! Although I was a president and treasurer of a co-op centre when my oldest was in pre-school (which is what kept me connected to PCPC as a volunteer for many years before taking the reigns after Nancy’s retirement- because I knew how vital PCPC was!) all centres are not the same! So we love hearing from you to know what it is YOU need and to try and provide that for you!

Please watch your emails over the next week or so as we send out the membership invoices prior to centre’s closing for the summer.

Should you have any questions, as always, be sure to let us know! Both Kristy and I have enjoyed our first full year of service with you at PCPC and we look forward to working with all our centres over the upcoming membership season!

Continue reading for our monthly e-newsletter and updates, and some great information about what is available to you from PCPC and the industry!

Shannon Stephens, PCPC Executive Director

Board of Directors

1) PCPC is pleased to announce that there are a few more NEW (and updated) policies and procedures available on the Members’ Only website!

2) Insurance and Your Centre —Some insurance companies request updated information (such as Board contact information) or the completion of a questionnaire prior to renewal, and it is important to contact your insurance company if your Centre closes during the summer months to ensure that all information is sent prior to the end of the school year if your renewal time is near.

3) What Is Good Governance? —Good governance is about the processes for making and implementing decisions. It’s not about making ‘correct’ decisions, but about the best possible process for making those decisions.
Now is the time to review your governance for the past year and if necessary, book governance workshop(s) for new Boards. For more information with this, please contact the PCPC Office. If you are not sure how your centre is sitting with regards to governance, feel free to connect with Shannon so you can discuss how your centre is run and she can help provide ideas and feedback! Remember, PCPC is here for you!

4) As the spring rolls in Centres are having open houses and looking for enrolment for the upcoming year. The Members section of the PCPC website, has a Sample Registration Package and a Marketing Committee PowerPoint with loads of ideas.

5) With some Centres closing for the summer break in just a matter of a few months, you might be on the road to signing contracts, updating Personnel Handbooks, perhaps even hiring… remember that the PCPC website is full of information to help you with this and many other tasks!

6) PCPC wants to remind you about the FREE Job Posting service that we offer to our members. This FREE service will allow you to reach over 8600 email addresses (right here in Ontario) with your job posting — a great way to find that new member for your team! Please contact us so that we can get your job posting out to our email database and you can find that new employee!

7) Who Approves Operating Policy: The Board or the ED? —This article presented by Tom Little’s BIG Ideas asks the question that in a Policy Board environment, who approves operating policies, the Board of Directors or the Executive Director?

8) Ten Clever Ideas to Get Volunteers for Your Fundraiser —This article written by Helen Cartwright and presented by Charity eNews explains how finding help to run a fundraiser can be a daunting task, BUT it offers the top 10 most clever ideas to get volunteers for your next fundraiser so you won’t be caught without enough help!

All Members

1) Do You Have Any Recommendations? PCPC always has Centres looking for recommendations for companies and/or individuals that can help them out with bookkeeping, auditing, fundraising, etc. If you have any recommendations that you would like to pass along we would greatly appreciate it. All recommendations can be emailed to Shannon Stephens, PCPC Executive Director.

2) The PCPC/ Purchasing Program continues to provide outstanding discounts for Centres and their members.
Don’t forget to check our ‘Members’ Only section’ of the website for information on all the companies included in our Purchasing Program. Discounts are available to all our members, for purchases for the centre and personal use as well.

* Note: This year the Co-op Cost Cutters mailing will be smaller in order to reduce their carbon footprint. They invite you to visit the Co-op Cost Cutters website to find out about the great companies in the program and what they offer. The website will highlight suppliers and feature specials throughout the year!

3) PCPC sends out to the general child care sector in Ontario a variety of paid ads however, we have chosen not to overload our members with their information several times a week.
Instead, we will list in the body of the e newsletters activity during the current and past month and if you wish further information on the products/services, please contact PCPC for their flyer.

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As always, if you have any questions at any time please do not hesitate to contact info@pcpcontario.org at your convenience.

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Shannon Stephens, PCPC Executive Director


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