PCPC eNews: Things to watch for from PCPC in April

Coming soon is a Tip Sheet for centres with updates you need to be aware of for Bill 148. We have been sharing lots of resources about this big change over the last couple of months. See below in our e-newsletter for March for some new webinars where you can find more info as well.

In April we will be reaching out to all our members to touch base! Over the month we will be calling the centres- if you prefer to schedule a call at a set time, would like us to reach out to someone specific (staff or Board member) or would rather that we chat via email instead please contact Shannon, PCPC’s Executive Director at info@pcpcontario.org this week to set that up. We look forward to speaking with you all!

The PCPC Board and Staff would like to wish the families and staff at all our member centres a Happy Spring & Happy Easter.

  1. Bill 148 Webinar (Part 3)- ONN (Ontario Non Profit Network) is offering a free Webinar on March 29 2018. To register check out www.theonn.ca
  2. Did you miss Bill 148 Webinar (Part 2) click on link to view webinar from February 22 2018 Click here www.gotostage.com/channel/444837cc9708482cb3e6b45db1f43650
  3. Still have questions about Bill 148: Visit the ONN FAQ’s page at www.theonn.ca.
  4. Carters Charity & NFP Webinar Series: Carters will be holding its Spring 2018 Webinar Series to assist charities and not-for-profits with current and essential legal issues. These complimentary one hour webinars provided a detailed and practical explanation. For more details and or to register check out www.carters.ca.
  5. Attract new families to your centre: Spring is a great time to start planning an Open House. The member section of the PCPC website www.pcpcontario.org has a Sample Registration package and a Marketing Committee Power Point with loads of ideas.
  6. PCPC is looking for you! PCPC is looking for new Board members to join our Board! We “meet” via a teleconference a few times a year to discuss PCPC, our financials, what we are doing, and how we can better assist our members. We have had a dedicated group of Board members stick with us over the years but we would love to have some new members join us to help bring ideas to the table! If you would like more information please contact our Executive Director, Shannon Stephens, at info@pcpcontario.org.
  7. Charity Village Free Webinar April 5th 1pm – How to Read and Understand Financial Statements for your Small to Mid-size Charity or Nonprofit Organization Are you a board member or nonprofit leader who is mystified when presented with your organization’s financial statements? This upcoming free webinar can help! Visit charityvillage.com/cms/active-learning/webinars/how-to-read-and-understand-financial-statements to register!
  8. PCPC wants to remind you about the FREE Job Posting service that we offer to our members. This service will allow you to reach over 8600 email addresses (right here in Ontario) with your job posting — a great way to find that new member for your team! Please contact us so that we can get your job posting out to our email database and you can find that new employee!
  9. Spring Cleaning: Does your PCPC website need some updating? Remember you have semi-annual updates available to you, free of charge, with the PCPC Webmaster Ken Simmons. Please contact our wonderful webmaster Ken Simons to help make any changes you require: ken@pcpctoronto.org. If you don’t already have a website with PCPC and are considering making changes to your current site, contact PCPC (info@pcpcontario.org) for a quote!
  10. Charities and Giving — What’s New: Official donation receipts must include the name and website address of the CRA. Charities have until March 31 2019 to make this change. To review Sample Donation Receipts see here www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/charities-giving/charities/sample-official-donation-receipts.html for more information.
  11. Do You Have Any Recommendations? PCPC always has Centres looking for recommendations for companies and/or individuals that can help them out with bookkeeping, auditing, fundraising, etc. If you have any recommendations that you would like to pass along we would greatly appreciate it. All recommendations can be emailed to Shannon Stephens, PCPC Executive Director at info@pcpcontario.org
  12. The PCPC Purchasing Program continues to provide outstanding discounts for Centres and their members. Don’t forget to check our members’ only section of the website for information on all the companies included in our Purchasing Program. Discounts are available to all our members, for purchases for the centre and personal use as well. Watch your mail as your centre should receive a brochure from them soon! Be sure to share these deals with all the members at your centre!
  13. PCPC sends out to the general child care sector in Ontario a variety of paid ads however, we have chosen not to overload our members with their information several times a week.

Instead, we will list in the body of the e newsletters some of the activity during the current and past month and if you wish further information on the products/services, please contact PCPC for their flyer.

VANT Play Equipment — www.vantplayequipment.com

Harlem Globetrotters Event Toronto/ Mississauga – Lori Parker of First Class Group Tickets

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