PCPC e-news: Group buying power means discounts for your centre

As a member of PCPC you have access to the Co-op Cost Cutters Program provided by the Co-Operative Housing Federation of Toronto (CHFT).

Co-Op Cost Cutters- Providing services to co-ops for 20 years

From the program coordinator, “In its 20th year of operation, Co-op Cost Cutters has grown from 5 services in 1998 to nearly 20 in 2018. It is the largest buying program for co-ops in Canada.

“It is a valuable service that saves time and money for our members. All the services have been researched, checked and negotiated on your behalf. Because all the companies have been vetted, they are safe to use.”

Our connection to the Co-Op Cost Cutters program means benefits to YOU! This means these discounts can be taken advantage of by ALL of our members….so not just for purchases for your centre but any families at your centre can also take advantage of these deals! Check out the PCPC website; go to the members’ online section and click pcpcontario.org/co-op-cost-cutters-program for
more details about these great programs.

Be sure to share this email with all the families at your centre. Whether you are looking for some paint for the home or a new appliance for your centre, include these companies while you are getting quotes. Dulux regularly offers further discounts on their paint so be sure to keep watching our emails for updates. Want more details on these programs or want to access one of the companies? Contact Shannon info@pcpcontario.org and she will be happy to provide you with more details


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