PCPC eNews: Are Your Centre's Policies and Procedures Ready for the Cannabis Act?

When was the last time your Board reviewed your policies and procedures? With the Cannabis Act coming into play October 17th now is a good time!

Here is a link to information about the Federal Act: www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/news/2018/06/backgrounder-the-cannabis-act-the-facts.html

Here is a link to the Provincial Act: www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/17c26

For childcare centres, regulations fall under Smoke Free Ontario which is already in place. See information here about Smoke Free Ontario legislation

Log into the Members’ Area and see our Parent Handbook for samples of the Smoke Free Ontario policy.

Looking to update your policies or procedures? Here are some things to consider

Think about these items when creating your policy- remember to look at your employee handbook, and parent handbook to see what you already have in place and just add what is missing- don’t start from scratch if the base is good!

  • what’s allowed or not allowed
  • what is your anti-drug policy
  • what is your policy for managing impairment in the workplace
  • do you have something on the cannabis legislation
  • occupational health and safety policies related to cannabis impairment
  • this is just not for cannabis but also alcohol and other drugs

The Ontario Human Rights Commission released a new cannabis policy that your policy could refer to www.ctvnews.ca/canada/ontarians-don-t-have-absolute-right-to-be-stoned-at-work-human-rights-commission-1.4131433

Policy – www.ohrc.on.ca/en/news_centre/ohrc-releases-new-policy-guidance-human-rights-and-cannabis

However your impairment program is configured, it must be clearly written, contain explicit expectations and be thoroughly communicated to employees.

It has to be clear on what the purpose is, the overall objectives around health and safety and be clear on who it applies to.

It has clear rules on use and possession of illicit drugs – alcohol and responsible use of medications.

Policies should also be explicit on standby and call-in rules, and the opportunities that offer assistance to employees who develop drug or alcohol problems.

And then it also should lay out the investigative tools that will be used to determine if someone’s in a violation and the consequences.

Further support can be had from Morneau Shepell, the company that PCPC has partnered with in order to provide member centres with staff benefits at group discount prices.
Here is a document they have provided which speaks to substance abuse.


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