PCPC eNews: Treasurer Role at your Centre; Update to Police Record Checks Reform Act

If there is one role we tend to get a lot of questions about it is the Role of Treasurer!

For this reason we wanted to focus a bit on that position and help ensure you have seen some of the resources we have set up for the Treasurer at your Centre.

Here is a link to information in our Members’ Area where you can find added information about the role. This focuses on budgeting and is a follow up to our Treasurer Presentation which you can access from the menu on the sidebar or click here. Just a reminder to have your login password handy for when you access these links as you will need to log in. If you can’t recall your log in information go to the email you received titled “Welcome to PCPC”.

Some other presentations which are helpful for the Treasurer include:

  • Keeping the Record Straight open
  • The ABCs of Accounting open

If you have a paid bookkeeper at your centre in addition to a treasurer, here are some things to consider:

  • The Treasurer has the vote at the board table and must be a member with a child at the centre.
  • At each board meeting the Treasurer of the board is the person who presents the Profit and Loss statement and bank reconciliation for the month and must understand it and be able to answer questions.
  • You can have the bookkeeper at the board meeting to help explain if needed but the financials should never be approved if even one person on the board with a vote does not understand them.

This is the “due diligence” of the board of directors. Above all else the financials should be in order every single month.

No matter what the bookkeeper does at your centre, remember the treasurer is the person at the board level making the motions to accept the reports and doing the voting.

Did you know that amendments to the Police Records Reform Act came into effect November 1 2018?

Here is some information which helps explain the new changes for you.

The Ministry of Education has sample policies that you can access from their website here under the heading Staff Screening Measures and Criminal Reference Checks. These can be downloaded in Word and updated to fit your centre’s needs.

As always, PCPC is here to help. If you have questions contact Shannon and she would be happy to speak with you.


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