Introducing Shannon Stephens, PCPC's new admin worker

Dear PCPC Members:

We are very excited at PCPC to introduce Shannon Stephens as Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director.

Shannon Stephens began working closely with PCPC in 2005 in a variety of areas and has been working more directly with the organization since 2012. Starting in 2005, she took over the role of Chairperson at one of PCPC’s member centres where her oldest son was attending. Her experience as a Chair helped to show her the necessity for co-operative/not-for-profit centres to have a connection with PCPC and what a valuable resource PCPC is to a volunteer board. In 2006 Shannon joined PCPC as a volunteer Board Member and has been working with the organization in this capacity ever since.

Shannon has also worked with the PCPC Executive Director, Nancy Bradley for 4 years on several projects for the members—from the successful transference of the AGM to electronic voting to the latest updates on the website in regards to the new CCEYA.

Shannon is known in her community as a resource to many and is involved with a variety of local organizations. She has previously worked with charities such as the Oshawa Community Health Centre where she was awarded the Health Awareness Award for her contribution. Shannon has helped get local sports organizations established and has regularly assisted her children’s teams in a manager or convening role. Currently she can often be found in her children’s school helping in the classroom, or organizing and chairing their SCC, for which she has been a previous recipient of the Volunteer of the Year award for her exceptional volunteer work.

Shannon is passionate about charities, co-operatives and the non-profit sectors.

We look forward to working with Shannon in a variety of capacities and are confident that she will ensure that the members continue to receive the service that they are accustomed to at PCPC.

PCPC Board of Directors and Staff


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