PCPC Presents…An Executive Director Handbook Just for Your Centre!

If a key member in your Centre was hit by a bus, struck by lightning, won the lottery, or decided to resign or retire, how would you survive without them?

PCPC has taken that thought and designed an Executive Director Handbook to help kick-start the centre’s risk management/succession plan.

Your Centre may already have a risk management/succession plan in place or you may just be starting to think about it, but either way this handbook is for you! The design of the Executive Director Handbook is to give you a basic template that you can fill in and add to, so that your plan is personalized for your Centre and ready for when it is needed.

When developing your handbook a great place to start is with your employees—ask them what information they would like to have at their fingertips for easy access. By doing this in collaboration with your employees, you will create a document that is not only comprehensive, but one that will get used!

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Introduction to your Centre
  • Position and job descriptions
  • Recruitment and selection processes
  • New employee orientation
  • Probation
  • Hours of work
  • Pay and personnel records
  • Staff benefits
  • Leaves of absences
  • Termination of employment
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Performance reviews
  • Code of conduct
  • Administration
  • And many more…

This is a large task, but necessary, so let PCPC be there to help!

A copy of the Executive Director Handbook can be found on the PCPC website—members’ section—with the other handbooks we have available for members.

Benjamin Franklin (founder of the first US cooperative in 1752) said it best,

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”


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