PCPC eNews for Supervisors and Early Childhood Educators #1

PCPC eNews for Supervisors and Early Childhood Educators: An E-newsletter Just for You!

Summer is over and fall is here, a time of new beginnings. 

As a member of PCPC, you will be regularly informed about childcare news to give you an insider’s view of this exciting community!

PCPC has decided to start a new e-newsletter that is just for Supervisors and Early Childhood Educators, with the focus on the great work that you do!

  1. Are you overdoing it with overtime?. This article written by Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf and presented by Charity Village looks into how employers and employees in the for-profit and non-profit sectors around the world are struggling with increasing work demands that often spill into personal time outside of the office. This is evident in the non-profit sector where managers and front line employees are often motivated by more than their paycheques to work above-and-beyond the regular work week.
  2. 7 Challenges of being a Preschool Teacher — For preschool teachers, it can be incredibly difficult to manage both the challenges in the classroom, as well as your career. In this blog post (written by Amanda Munday), she takes a look at some of the most common issues facing early childhood educators, just like you across the country. From kids to career possibilities, there are plenty of difficulties that come with being an early childhood educator!
  3. Journey Towards Inclusion — “As early childhood educators and leaders, we hold immense power and responsibility in our hands. We have the ability to impact the earliest experiences of entire generations, which will set children on paths that influence how children view themselves, others, and the world around them. With this power, we must commit to creating equal opportunity for all children to grow and learn, so that they will be equipped to become engaged members of their communities. By welcoming children of all abilities and life experiences, we take the first step in changing the general belief that high-quality early learning settings are only available to certain children. We are sending a message that each child is not only welcome, but a valued members of their centre family — a message that will positively influence their growing sense of self-worth.”
    This quote was written by Kate Jordan-Downs in her article ‘A Journey Towards Inclusion’ which is included in the newest Exchange Essentials article collection, Perspectives on Diversity, which is available for purchase from www.ChildCareExchange.com.
  4. Educator use of technology in the classroom — This informative article written by Ron Spreeuwenberg and presented by HiMama explains how when technology is strategically integrated into the curriculum, you will not only reinforce the essential technical skills that children need to succeed in today’s world, but it can also enhance learning and engagement among the students.
  5. PCPC wants to remind you about the FREE Job Posting service that we offer to our members. This service will allow you to reach over 8600 email addresses (right here in Ontario) with your job posting — a great way to find that new member for your team! Please contact us so that we can get your job posting out to our email database and you can find that new employee! # Do You Have Any Recommendations? PCPC always has Centres looking for recommendations for companies and/or individuals that can help them out with bookkeeping, auditing, fundraising, etc. If you have any recommendations that you would like to pass along we would greatly appreciate it. All recommendations can be emailed to Shannon Stephens, PCPC Executive Director.
  6. The PCPC Purchasing Program continues to provide outstanding discounts for Centres and their members.  
    Don’t forget to check our ‘members’ only section’ of the website for information on all the companies included in our Purchasing Program. Discounts are available to all our members, for purchases for the centre and personal use as well. 
    This month’s highlights:
    • Appliance Canada — offering ENERGY STAR appliances! Contact Fred Mansoub (fmansoub@appliancecanada.com) or Clarissa Leal (cleal@appliancecanada.com) to place an order
    • Dulux Paints — offering paint and painting equipment! To place an order, please contact Stephen Lowe at 1-800-387-7311 extension 1 or stephen.lowe@ppg.com
    • HD Supply — offering building maintenance supplies! To place an order, please contact Basil Sealy at 1-800-782-0557 or basil.sealy@hdsupply.com
    •  With the new school year starting, it’s time to learn about protecting yourself against the flu — Visit the Ontario Ministry of Health for up-to-date information — www.health.gov.on.ca/en/ccom/flu .
    • PCPC sends out to the general child care sector in Ontario a variety of paid ads however, we have chosen not to overload our members with their information several times a week.
      Instead, we will list in the body of the e newsletters activity during the current and past month and if you wish further information on the products/services, please contact PCPC for their flyer.
    • Santa’s Village — www.santasvillage.ca

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