Templates and handbooks: An overview of PCPC member resources

PCPC Members:

Did you know that part of your membership to PCPC involves access to numerous templates, all designed to help Boards at our member centres save time?

Here is a highlight of just a selection of some of the most popular items in the members’ section of our site and where you can find them. PCPC is constantly updating our resources to ensure our members have the most up-to-date information and resources. Should you notice something is missing, please contact us and we will work to put something together for you.

Policies and Guidelines

  • A Selection of Policies under our Legal Compliance Section:
    • First Aid Policy
    • Privacy Policy
    • Supervision Policy for Volunteers and Participating Parents
    • Police Reference Check Policy
    • Provincial Wage Enhancement
  • A Selection of Policies under our Child Behaviour and Child Safety Policies Section:
    • Food Allergies
    • Inclusion Policy
    • Photographic Consent
    • Nutrition Policy — to be posted
  • A Selection of Policies in our Sample Parent Handbook:
    • Under Health and Safety you can find:
      • Anaphylactic Policy
      • Medication Policy
      • Playground Safety Policy
      • Safe Drinking Water Policy
      • Serious Occurrence Policy
    • Under General Policies you can find:
      • Anti Racism Policy
      • Bike Helmet Policy
      • Child Abuse & Neglect Policy
      • Field Trip Policy
  • Program Philosophy Statement — draft format available from PCPC
  • Parent & Child Code of Conduct and Parent Code of Conduct to be posted — however, “member ethics” already referenced in Parent Handbook.

Handbook Templates available for you to update for your centre:

  • Parent Handbook
  • Registration Handbook
  • Board of Directors Handbook
  • Executive Director’s Handbook
  • Financial Management Handbook

A Selection of Policies on the Human resources tab in PCPC’s member section

Health and Safety Documents refer to many other policies required by members under Health and Safety Standards, Incident/Illness Reporting/Response and Health and Wellness

There are also up-to-date and legally compliant Human Resources documents available for the PCPC members in regards to staffing and required policies and procedures.

As all the PCPC members know, the changes with the Child Care and Early Years Act CCEYA have been plentiful and we are still obtaining new information and updates from the Ministry of Education as the new sections come into practice.

The addition of the Program Statement was one of the largest areas and we are currently updating the pieces we have already put together to ensure it will meet the needs of our centres and meet the licensing requirements. We will inform our members in an email when this will be posted to the website however, the sample is available now if you wish to view.

Should you have questions on any of these items or other resources on our website, please do not hesitate to contact PCPC at your convenience.


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