Logging in to the members' section

We have had reports that a small number of PCPC member centres are unable to log in to our members' pages via the login link at http://pcpcontario.org/members.

Some browsers and/or internet providers have been blocking any login activity (commercial or otherwise) on sites which use the less secure, but still widely supported, http:// address protocol.

Unfortunately, due to limitations with our hosting plan, PCPC cannot upgrade to a more secure form of address without rebuilding our entire website. Here is a workaround for those who currently can't log in to our member pages:

New (simpler) instructions

  1. Go to http://www.pcpcontario.org/members-only-section-alternate-page. There will be a pop-up browser window which will ask for your username and password (this is the shared login which is sent to all member centres before the current school year). Your browser may also show a security warning for this page, but you can safely ignore it.
  2. The alternate members' homepage should then load. You can then navigate to the regular members' page at http://pcpcontario.org/members. If that page fails for any reason, you can go back to the alternate page, which similarly links to the pages and files in the members' section.

Ken Simons | September 3, 2018