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Workshops available for Parents, Caregivers, Home Day Care Providers and Early Childhood Professionals

Today’s World is Tough on Kids

Prepare them for their future by teaching them how to deal with every day stress. Learn how to become more resilient and how to pass those skills onto your children or the children you take care of.

Here’s what you’ll learn from a Kids Have Stress Too workshop

Kids Have Stress Too is a 3 part workshop that teaches participants: A greater knowledge and appreciation of stress from a child’s perspective, How to lower stress in children’s lives and how to use those strategies to manage your own stress thereby setting the example for children. You will also gain a better insight into of the roles of parents and caregivers in helping children to manage their stress and Increased patience and attentiveness to children’s needs

Reaching IN, Reaching OUT (RIRO) Life skills to help you steer through adversity and make use of opportunity

‘Reaching IN… Reaching OUT” (RIRO) is a two-part program for service providers who work with children from birth to 8 years and their families. As a participant, you will learn self-regulation skills while gaining a more ‘resilient’ perspective and flexible approach to handling stress, serious problems and everyday challenges. Upon completion, you will find when you put the RIRO skills into practice in your everyday interactions, the children you work with will learn effective ways to respond to adversity and opportunity.

Bounce Back and Thrive (BBT) PARENTS… help your kids bounce back from life’s challenges, build confidence and gain self-control.

‘Bounce Back and Thrive’ (BBT) adapts RIRO’s resiliency skills teachings into a 10-week interactive program for parents, which uses information exchange, hands-on activities, video clips of parents and children demonstrating resilience-building strategies, discussion, and skills practice.

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Facilitator: Roberta Aqui RECE has been in the Early Childhood profession for over 10 years. As a parent and educator she understands the effects of stress on children. After attending a Kids Have Stress Too workshop for her own professional development, she became a KHST workshop facilitator and has subsequently added RIRO and BBT to the workshops that she offers. Her desire to share her skills with others grew out of her frequent conversations and discussions with parents and other professionals about stress and depression while her son was growing up. In addition to facilitating parent and ECE professional workshops, she continues to work with young children in the classroom.


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